Alectrona & Zel

Alectrona & Zel

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Goddess of the Sun. 

Also known as governess to a mans sense. Alectrona, Drenched in iridescent jewels and gold lining & basked in the color of strength black, bold orange and tranquil blue...she provides guiding and enlightening of the mind. Like any golden Crucian woman she stands tall when faced against adversity and extends herself when needed. 

Body Wear:
Top: Wire Bra (only)
Bottom: Spider Panty (as shown on model) Boyshorts, Highwaist 
Boots: Are Included

Zel (Male)
God of zeal and rivalry.


Acrylic cups
Lunch from Brino’s Kitchen
Premium Alcoholic And Non-Alcoholic Beverage
Shot Glass
Music provided By Big Band, Bugzy, Mic Love & Adam O

Body Wear:
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