4th Consecutive Win

Regal Dynasty Inc. presents : Revenge Games for Crucian Christmas Festival 2019

4th Consecutive Win

Even though I’m happy that we have the title of “Best Troupe” in every category entered from year 1. This is NOT my focus! Don’t get me wrong I’m extremely happy that in some aspect the judges over the years see our potential, growth and beauty! It has never been my focus to “win” but a MAJOR focus to make sure my sole purpose and mission statement is fulfilled!

“It takes NOTHING to join the crowd but everything to stand alone. A vision is only as strong as the beliefs behind it! Building a Dynasty one step at a time!”

Regal was founded because Shadina and myself wholeheartedly believed that we could contribute more to our festival! As many may or may not know, Carnival and Festival dates go back to the slavery days originating from Trinidad circa 18th Century. It's believed to be tied to colonialism, religious conversion, and ultimately freedom and celebration. We want to create a haven we’re people not only from our home of St.Croix enjoy but people anywhere else does the same as well. We have had the pleasure to engage with amazing ladies and men from a variety of different states in the US and also the Caribbean! We pride ourselves in making the experience one to remember.

As young black Caribbean women we understand what it is like in celebrating the best in & of people....& that is the true Carnival spirit.

daynia dowling