Tribute Village Performance. RIP Kyle 12.7.17💔

Regal Dynasty Inc took part in Kyle's Tribute in St. Croix's Festival Village on December 29, 2017. It was the last night Kylo & The Stylee Band would ever perform. Pictured from left to right...Aniah John in Eminent, Aneisha Williams in a customized Flag Girl costume, Tatyana Massiah in Optimist, Daynia Dowling in North America Frontline, Brianna Christian in Africa Backline, Nhaquifa Russell on Ardent & of course we can't forget the amazing THERON from R.City. All costumes are from our 2nd year (Ruler of Nations) & 3rd year( Regal Supremacy).

 #LongLiveKylo #StyleeGangForever

daynia dowling