4th Consecutive Win

Regal Dynasty Inc. presents : Revenge Games for Crucian Christmas Festival 2019

4th Consecutive Win

Even though I’m happy that we have the title of “Best Troupe” in every category entered from year 1. This is NOT my focus! Don’t get me wrong I’m extremely happy that in some aspect the judges over the years see our potential, growth and beauty! It has never been my focus to “win” but a MAJOR focus to make sure my sole purpose and mission statement is fulfilled!

“It takes NOTHING to join the crowd but everything to stand alone. A vision is only as strong as the beliefs behind it! Building a Dynasty one step at a time!”

Regal was founded because Shadina and myself wholeheartedly believed that we could contribute more to our festival! As many may or may not know, Carnival and Festival dates go back to the slavery days originating from Trinidad circa 18th Century. It's believed to be tied to colonialism, religious conversion, and ultimately freedom and celebration. We want to create a haven we’re people not only from our home of St.Croix enjoy but people anywhere else does the same as well. We have had the pleasure to engage with amazing ladies and men from a variety of different states in the US and also the Caribbean! We pride ourselves in making the experience one to remember.

As young black Caribbean women we understand what it is like in celebrating the best in & of people....& that is the true Carnival spirit.

daynia dowling
Tribute Village Performance. RIP Kyle 12.7.17💔

Regal Dynasty Inc took part in Kyle's Tribute in St. Croix's Festival Village on December 29, 2017. It was the last night Kylo & The Stylee Band would ever perform. Pictured from left to right...Aniah John in Eminent, Aneisha Williams in a customized Flag Girl costume, Tatyana Massiah in Optimist, Daynia Dowling in North America Frontline, Brianna Christian in Africa Backline, Nhaquifa Russell on Ardent & of course we can't forget the amazing THERON from R.City. All costumes are from our 2nd year (Ruler of Nations) & 3rd year( Regal Supremacy).

 #LongLiveKylo #StyleeGangForever

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Regal Kiddies

We are super excited to share that we will be releasing our kids official shoot for this year tommorow morning! Due to hurricane Irma & Maria we were unable to launch when we preferably wanted to, but that just gave us time to revamp & get back to the drawing board. 


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Regal Dynasty Launch Party

On August 10th, Regal Dynasty Inc showcased our costumes to STX !! We were extremely overwhelmed but everything worked out in our FAVOR! This year's theme is REVENGE GAMES, A proper fitting for the minds like ours lol! We are happy & thankful that many people came out to witness the launch & as well as have a good time! Here's some of our behind the scenes photos. 






Katniss "The Mocking Jay"  

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Regal Dynasty Year 4!

I can’t believe that we have made it this far!!!! Y’all have no idea how HARD it was for us up until this point! Year 1 was extremely hard, but it was definitely a learning experience and every year after that! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! Me and my team are extremely humbled by the love and support. 


One Love, 

Darisse D. 


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Cannabis Energy Drink X Regal

We collabed with our biggest sponsor that year to help advertise the product "Cannabis Energy Drink". Below is a shot of the group who started at the beginning of the local "Dominican Parade" which has become annual here in St.Croix,USVI.

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Giving back.

As you may or may not know Regal Dynasty Inc. is a non profit organization. Along with providing fun and zeal to Crucian Christmas Carnival we make time during the year to give back to numerous persons and charities alike. Here are a few pictures of our give back to Catholic Charities last year.

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First Village Performance

This was taken at the Frederiksted village for Carnival/Festival 2015-2016. Final rounds of Party Monarch. 

Special thanks to Davina Mar for entrusting us to be apart of her performance.

Left to right. Tatyana Massiah in Party Monarch , Davina Mar, Aneisha Williams in Jouvert and Daynia Dowling in Road March. 

Regal Dynasty's Inc. theme for our first year was "Band Ah Deh Year". 

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Regal X TS Entertainment 8/5/16

Regal Dynasty's Costume Launch August 5th 2016. The dancers who started the show! 👑 


Left to right. Keiana Francis, Thamoiyah Blake, Aniah John, Daynia Dowling, Yaira Bermudez, Aliya Jackson, Darisse Dowling and Kiara Francis. 

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Carnival Aroma

It's always been a dream of mines to start a Carnival troupe! Everything about Carnival/Festival puts a smile on my face! Music, food, costumes, family and friends all coming together. Ain't nothing like a Caribbean party celebrating life! 

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